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Perhaps you have a blog, do business, or are you just an active person and regularly
recommend Radar Partner to someone?
In any case, we have an extremely lucrative offer!

You can recommend Radar Partner to others and earn 30% of their commission!
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Absolutely any active person, employment agency and even another Uber partner can become a member of the referral program!
Receive weekly dividends for every person you refer to Radar Partner equal to 30% of their affiliate commission.

The average partners commission for drivers is 50 zł per week, and you would think that you only earn 15 zł per week.

BUT if you bring 10 people? And if there are 20 or 50 people? And you get your percentage EVERY WEEK!

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How it works
A working driver or courier receives a payment every week, respectively, once a week you receive your dividends. And this continues exactly as long as the person you have referred to works with Radar Partner!
When withdrawing funds every week, the driver or courier pay an affiliate commission, from which you get your 30%.
You receive a referral link, a person registers on it and starts working.
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Are promotions cumulative?
All promotions are cumulative. A person can come from a friend to change a partner and get the first week without a commission + the second month without a commission. At the same time, a friend will also receive 1 week without a commission.
What if I brought a friend while working “No Commission” to change a partner?
If your coupon activation drops out during the "free period", for example, during the free second month after changing the partner, the coupon expires.
If I work for Glovo and pay commission every two weeks, will I be eligible for the Refer a Friend promotion?
In fact, "Bring a friend" frees you from any first commission that comes across. If the client works in Glovo with payments every 2 weeks, then the coupon will cover the Glovo commission in 2 weeks, not one. The same principle applies to the inviter.
Why didn't I get paid for the person I referred?
So it may be if the courier or driver connected to your referral link did not work this week, and accordingly did not pay a commission.
Will I receive 30% of the commission if I brought a person under the “refer a friend” program?
If a person brings a friend and, moreover, brings him through an affiliate program, then the friend works for the first week without a commission, which means that you will not receive 30% of his commission for this week.
Will I receive 30% of the commission if I brought a person under the “change of partner” program?
If a person brings an employee through an affiliate program, and the employee decides to use the "Change of partner" program, then the employee does not pay a commission for the second month of work, and the partner does not receive 30% of the commission.
How can I become a partner of the “30% of commission” referral program?
Leave a request on our website, our manager will contact you, clarify all the formalities for signing the contract, later we will reset your referral link and you can use it to invite people and earn money.
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