Car and scooter rental
Car and scooter rental
WOULD YOU like to work in a taxi, but your car does not meet the requirements? - It doesn't matter, take a car for rent!
Our fleet is prepared for working in a taxi (there is a technical inspection with a permit to work in a taxi and the necessary familiarization), and also fully meets the requirements Uber/Bolt/FreeNow.All cars are insured, we also take care of repairs and seasonal maintenance!

The rental price starts from 300 zlotys per week.

How much to work and earn is up to you!
Take a car for rent
Convenient and profitable transport for delivery. No need to sweat on a bike, no need to spend money on refueling a car or scooter, traffic jams and parking spaces are also no longer a problem!

✔️Rent from 14 days – 30 Zł a day and no caucia!

There is also a free replacement of the battery 2 times a day in the city center at the address: Poznań, Zwierzyniecka 10/205

You can drive 25 km on one battery.
Take an electric scooter for rent
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